Wireless Infrastructure

The modern world is full of wireless networks, from our banks to coffee shops, we can find wireless access points.

Deploying wireless solutions can bring great benefits;

  1. Convenience
    Access your networks resources from any location within your wireless network's range, no cables tethering you down.

  2. Flexibility
    You are no longer tethered to a desk! You can be anywhere in your business and always have access to your resources.

  3. Deployment
    The ability to share a network effortlessly, quickly and simply is a great benefit of this technology.

  4. Productivity
    Wireless access to the Internet, email, critical applications and resources allows for simpler collaboration between staff which in turn helps get the job done more efficiently.

  5. Cost
    It can be far cheaper to deploy a wireless infrastructure model across your business than the traditional cabled network. Deploying a full corporate network, cabling to all desks, printers and every other device in its specific location. This could potentially be months of expensive contractors laying cabling.

These networks also bring with them potential risks; your physical perimeter is potentially no longer the boundary to your network. Attackers could gain access to your networks, your data, without having to compromise any physical controls or boundaries.

These technologies, like any other technology, are susceptible to security weaknesses such as weak controls, deprecated protocols, configuration issues, design concerns and segregation issues.

A wireless assessment can help identify these weaknesses, highlight the risks and most importantly, help to remediate them.