Breakout Assessments

It is commonplace for companies to make their traditional desktop applications accessible from the internet by publishing them through virtualisation platforms such as Citrix or VMware.

These platforms make it easy for remote partners, vendors and employees to access resources and existing desktop applications on your network.

Isolating specific environments and simplifying access is a great idea; however, bad configuration of these environments and the systems that allow the access can lead to a false sense of security, data loss and system compromise.

Breakout Assessments

Laneden is experienced in breaking out of these sandbox type of environments and can help highlight areas of concern.

Providing a thorough and independent examination of your environment, Laneden will get to work identifying configuration and application functionality that could potentially allow a remote attacker to gain access to the underlying operating system either via the published applications or other resources.

Looking for weaknesses such as an escalation of privileges, authentication bypassing and generally looking for any means to break out of this restricted space and exfiltrate data.

Any flaw in the environment that could allow a malicious actor to manipulate the restricted space and its resources to their advantage.

We can provide an on-site debriefing of the findings explaining how attackers could potentially gain control of your systems and exfiltrate data.

A comprehensive report is written containing an executive summary and is consumable by anyone in the organisation regardless of their technical background.

Along with enough detail to allow you to not only understand the potential attack vectors but also concise and clear guidance on how to remediate the concerns.

Breakout Assessments