Persistent Threat Simulation

Persistent threat simulations focus on attack methods that are widely exploited in the real world. Using similar open-source intelligence gathering techniques as malicious actors, Laneden can show what information can be obtained from the public domain concerning your organisation and how this information can be weaponised to gain unauthorised access to your systems potentially.

Utilising social engineering vectors enabled by the relevant data, Laneden can carry out real-world attacks such as phishing, remote telephone attacks and physical on-premise attacks. This gives a great insight into what could potentially be achieved if a malicious actor or group with no prior knowledge of your business or network decided to target your organisation.

So far, we have concentrated on what can be achieved from an external perspective. Laneden's War Games service sees our experienced engineers working closely with your team / SOC (security operations centre) analysts. Also known as a "Purple Team" engagement, carrying out controlled attacks on your networks from the inside.

This allows unprecedented insight into what potential attacks look like, right from the identification of security flaws, to exploitation and the remediation of those concerns.

"Consider what information is publicly available about the business and whether it needs to be public."


Our engineers have had many years of experience in the Blue team space, writing correlation rules and parses to identify and even react to attacks. We can help build a program of works that not only helps you understand what to expect when a persistent attack is underway, but also bring you peace of mind through understanding how to identify and mitigate these threats.

You would be surprised how much a change in perspective can focus attention.

"The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely."

William Osler