Active Directory

Businesses of all sizes generally host directory services such as Active Directory (AD) on their network. (AD) on their network. Active Directory is a Microsoft product which consists of several services running on a Windows Server. Its purpose is to manage permissions and access to networked resources, providing your users with a simple solution to collaborate and get the job done.

This environment can quickly become neglected and open for abuse, if an adversary were to compromise your entire domain,
Active Directory is where it would be done.

Laneden Founder,
Darryl Lane

In our experience AD grows organically and is a treasure trove of information for an attacker. Hosting mountains of legacy build up over the years, potentially thousands of forgotten network accounts, who only knows how many of those accounts have terrible guessable passwords allowing access to your systems and data.

Laneden can carry out general configuration audits and password audits. Utilising the same techniques as malicious actors, we can help you identify and understand the potential risks associated with your directory services.

Delivering a simple, concise report highlighting all associated risks, password statistics, cracking statistics, general configuration concerns and remediation advice. Along with best practises and techniques for helping users understand how they can help protect themselves, your business and most of all your customers.

Let's work together to bring peace of mind.

Understanding your environment is the first step to understanding how to secure it.

Laneden Founder,
Darryl Lane