Phishing Campaigns

Phishing and in general social engineering attacks are the platform for the majority of breaches. They tend to be the preferred delivery method for a majority of malware infections and are associated with a large proportion of corporate system breaches.

91% of attacks by sophisticated cyber criminals start through email


Unfortunately, for most businesses, their employees are the weakest link in their security posture. However, they can be one of the strongest tools you have at identifying attacks on your organisation.

Using similar techniques as the threat actors, Laneden can show the risks associated with phishing emails and help build a program of works to educate your employees and help them identify the attacks before they become breaches.

Laneden can provide an on-site debriefing of the campaign findings explaining how attackers could potentially gain control of your systems or/and exfiltrate data.

A comprehensive report is written containing an executive summary which gets right to the point of the associated risks. It is consumable by anyone in the organisation regardless of their technical background.

Along with enough detail to allow you to not only understand the attacks but also concise and clear guidance on how to remediate relevant concerns, and help your employees identify future phishing attempts.

CEO fraud is now a £9 billion a year scam